A little bit of Flock

So many people I know are going to have babies, so I think it’s time I crank up the baby quilt factory, by which I mean me at the sewing machine.




One down, goodness know how many more to go…


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3 Responses to A little bit of Flock

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    The straight line quilting looks fantastic with those prints. And I just love the backing – what a lucky baby!

  2. 2
    Teresa says:

    It’s lovely, Thomas!
    Good luck on the quilts; why is that friends tend to group pregnancies like that? It just isn’t fair.

  3. 3
    Heather says:

    Goodness I’m slow. I was reading Sara’s blog and today it was about you, so over I bounced thinking geez that name is a familiar to me. I play around and lo and behold FLOCK! Of course I know that name! I’m making a sampler quilt out of Flock right now. I love the line! And I love this quilt. It makes me wish I saved my FQ bundle until I saw this. Boo. But I lo,e my sampler quilt too. LOL. Funny how we quilters are so fickle at times. Anywho, I’m gonna follow your blog. Thanks in advance for more inspiration!

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