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On skirts, and why pink rhinos matter…

You may not know this, but Savanna Bop is essentially a love letter/manifesto on life for Bee. It is actually the first collection I designed even though it is coming out third. I don’t know if I will ever do … Continue reading

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Dan Rouse Is My Hero…

I don’t have a lot of heroes… At least not in the real world. Maybe because I am profoundly cynical. Maybe it’s because my standards are impossibly high. Maybe I’m just a jerk. Who knows? But there it is; I … Continue reading

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So much afoot…

Hi all. So, I’ve been kinda quiet since returning from Quilt Market. Some of that has been physical recovery; Market takes a heck of a lot out of me. And some of it has been due to a frenetic scramble … Continue reading

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Home (with a fabric chicken)

Finally home from Quilt Market; it only took 28 hours. Yay plane delays and stuff!!! When I got home I gave Bee the FQ bundles I got for her. She almost immediately sat on one of them and informed me … Continue reading

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Geared for Guys

I may not be the typical guy, but the idea of stuff for guys usually confuses me. Representations of guys on TV and in advertising give an odd and disturbing perspective: seeing enough Axe deodorant ads and the pre-game graphics … Continue reading

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