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Yay vintage sheets!!!

So I am just four blocks and two long seams away from finishing my Stitch quilt… So one of today’s many tasks was to find backing for it. Since I want to do an homage to 70s quilts thing and … Continue reading

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I need another design wall (or three)

I am a lucky, lucky boy… A couple of weeks ago I got a lovely delivery from Robert Kaufman thanks to the wonderful and amazing Betz White. I got a lovely box of Stitch, Betz’s delicious line of organic cotton … Continue reading

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It’s kinda like this around here…

Or at least it feels like that right now. Though maybe it’s more like this… Okay, here is the rundown. I’ve just sent two quilts off to two different quilters, and another one is coming back from my favorite quilter … Continue reading

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Working in a Washi Wonderland…

Winter may have just re-emerged here, but my thoughts have already started toward spring with a cacophony of color. And with the thoughts of spring, the quilt plans have followed. Right now I’m playing with one of my favorite lines … Continue reading

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Sewing Summit anyone???

Wanna know how busy I’ve been as of late? So busy that I haven’t even had a chance to share the exciting news: I’m going to be teaching at Sewing Summit 2012 this October in Salt Lake City!!! You have … Continue reading

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