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Quilting From Little Things

If you know me at all you know that I love the bejeezus out of Sarah Fielke. Not only is she an incredibly wonderful person, her quilts seriously blow me away. I mean they either take my breath away or … Continue reading

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Roadtrip anyone???

So, I’m thinking about a roadtrip this spring, perhaps in March. You know, just after Flock hits stores. What I’m thinking is that I’d love to go on tour and do some talks and workshops, whether they be fabric or … Continue reading

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Happy Mail (the Jo Morton edition)

One of my big regrets about Quilt Market was that I almost entirely missed the Modern Quilt Guild get-together. There were so many people that I was planning to meet with at that event that I hardly got to see … Continue reading

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Slow and quiet…

Since my HKPP has decided to kick my proverbial ass this weekend, the key words have become slow and quiet. There isn’t much I can do, but at a certain point being bedridden becomes counter productive. So, after some healthy … Continue reading

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Drum solo!!!

I could have gotten work done today, but I didn’t. I bet you can guess why… But tomorrow I really must get back into the studio. So many quilts to make. Hugs, Thomas PS. She did this just for you … Continue reading

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Babies, and baby quilts, are cool…

I kinda missed out on making baby quilts for Bee. Part of that was the whole two-year saga to diagnose my HKPP, and the other part was the fact that I hadn’t learned to sew yet. I like to imagine … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet…

So, shortly after I had finished designing Pear Tree I started playing around with embroidery designs to go with it. Granted at that point I probably hadn’t done a stitch of hand embroidery in, well, ever… But it’s not like … Continue reading

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