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Lookie, Lookie…

Today I came home to a box. I was expecting this box; I have been anticipating this box. This is THE box. Inside this innocuous little box on my front porch is the first look I’m ever going to have … Continue reading

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Scrap Vomit Slow Down…

I have been trying valiantly to keep up with my plans to finish the Scrap Vomit quilts this summer, but alas the world has proven my better. Projects keep springing up that require immediate attention, opportunities come my way and … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Loathe the World…

And here is why: (Photo via So, we were unfortunately at the mall today with Bee — I really needed new trousers — and we wandered past The Children’s Place only to see this tee shirt. I stopped cold … Continue reading

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The Good, the Bad, and the Classy…

Yep, that pretty much sums up our trip to the county fair: the good, the bad, and the classy (someone please throw some air-quotes around classy for me). So, first the good: which is pretty much Bee and Wife, cause … Continue reading

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Thrift Shop Fun

Sometimes I love my local thrift shop, especially this week. Since this is the Summer of Pillows for me I decided to see what I could gather up for some upcycled pillows, and the second I walked in the door … Continue reading

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