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Not only is Little One fabulously fun, she is also bringing about all kinds of inspiration. While we were watching an episode of old school Sesame Street I fell back in love with one of the bestest animations ever:

I used to hope and pray that this animation would be in every episode of Sesame Street I watched; now Little One calls it her favorite. That little girl has some fine taste.

So, after seeing this again I have decided it is time for me to do another alphabet, as if I don’t already have enough things on my plate. I finally cleared a little time yesterday and started playing around with some ideas and drafts; here’s my favorite thus far:


I think this may well be a funky spring. Yay!!!

Now where did I put all of my old Parliament albums???


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    Kevin Fitz says:

    Little One has good taste indeed. I remember that being one of my favorites as well. Thanks for bringing it back; great way to start the day. And I may yet have to bring back my funky alphabet, too.

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      thomas says:

      Always glad to bring the visual love. I can’t believe I never taught this animation back at Drake; I was remiss. Can’t wait to really put a week aside and work on this alphabet.

      And you must get back to work on your alphabet. If you don’t I sneak back to Drake and change all the grades I gave you.


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    Crazy flood of memories!!!!!!!!!! The way that ball swoops down those rails made me truly feel like I was a little kid again! The art is just great!

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      thomas says:


      When my head whirs too much I always seem to doodle letters, granted my doodling is of the digital nature. Paper and pen scare me…

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